#2019Elections: YPP Presents Donald Igwegbu, the Future Nigerian President!

#2019Elections: YPP Presents Donald Igwegbu, the Future Nigerian President!

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Good people of Nigeria, as the year 2018 gradually winds up, ushering in the year 2019, the year all well-meaning Nigerians are waiting for to choose a credible leader, a leader that will be for and from the people, a true patriot, a gentleman with valour has arisen to bear the mantle. As we prepare to vote out the Old Cargoes wasting our time with their cluelessness, we stand with the #NotTooYoungToRun Campaign. Here is the man for us, hear from him and join the wagon to the great Nigeria we all desire and deserve.


My name is Donald Ike Igwegbu, 42. I am a Nigerian.

I hold a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (BEng) in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Oil & Gas Engineering, buttressed with a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods (PGCert).

I am a Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the UK Engineering Council, a Chartered Marine Engineering (CMarEng) and a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (FIMarEST).

I have over 17 years of diverse work experience within the Oil & Gas Engineering value chain. I am married and blessed with 4 lovely children.

As a Nation Builder who believes that only Nigerians can fix Nigeria, I founded Positive Change Nigeria (PCN) in 2010 (www.positivechangenigeria.org). PCN is an online association of constructive minded Nigerians who promote campaigns for Civic Orientation and Attitudinal Change (COACH) for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

As a Patriotic Nigerian who subscribes to selfless service, I offered myself for service as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE) UK North Chapter from November 2010 to February 2018. (www.nidoeurope.org).

In recognition to my contributions to Youth Development and Positive Change, the African Child Foundation (ACF) has recently nominated me for the 2018 Africa Integrity Price (AIP) Award for Youth Mentorship. This award nomination has renewed my commitment and current campaigns for Save the Nigerian Youths (www.saveyouthnigeria.org).

I am in the race for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because I am genuinely committed to fast-forwarding our country’s potentials and future developmental goals into our present day realities, through strong leadership that embraces innovations and zero tolerance for corruption and lawlessness. I am committed to building ergonomic motivated teams that embrace a culture of productivity and can-do spirit.

I believe developments thrive more in atmosphere of love, peace and unity. I believe as a nation we should rise and fall as one people.

I believe play time is over.

Below are some of my key Policy Positions:

Citizenship: To promote’ I am a Nigerian Ideology’.

Electricity: Minimise Waste and Increase Generation.

Education: Must be ‘Fit for Purpose’ by training of employable people.

Healthcare: Free Primary Healthcare Services for all.

Taming Corruption: Zero Tolerance with Maximize Transparency.

Unemployment: Optimise Employability and Enact Job Creation Policies and Interventions.

Agriculture: Increase the production of Food Crops and Cash Crops.

Police: Reforms & State Police are essential. Laws are meaningless without the ability to enforce it.

Politicians Salaries & Remunerations: Sponsor a Bill to align with the Federal Civil Service Salary Structure.

Voting & Electoral Reforms: Enhance Electronic Voting Security, Technique and Reliability.

General: To introduce mandatory National Savings Policy (NSP), Industrial Revolution Act (IRA) and National Infrastructure Intervention Scheme (NIIS).

Fellow Nigerians, let us please summon a new spirit; a new spirit of patriotism, service, responsibility, love, peace, unity, sacrifice, transparency, accountability, due process and probity to say the least, as these are the drivers that move a nation FORWARD.

Let us please build a New Nigeria that is fair to all.

I See Hope.

*Donald Ike Igwegbu CEng., CMarEng., FIMarEST*

*Presidential Aspirant – The Young Progressive Party (YPP)*


As we are queue behind him, please do well to get your PVC ready, it is our only weapon to win this battle with.


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