BTS: One Week One Wahala Comedy TV Series

BTS: One Week One Wahala Comedy TV Series

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Take a peep at the Behind the Scenes Photos of  One Week One Wahala Comedy TV Series currently filming in various locations in Enugu, Nigeria.

Intro: The Comedy TV Series currently trending with the Hashtag, #OneWeekOneWahala is a brainchild of Mr. Tony One Week, the Gyration Master! Remember him? Well,  Tony One Week is one name that can’t be forgotten in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry having contributed immensely in both Nollywood and the music sphere.

Getting his big break in 1996 after the release of his hit Gyrate, which was like Nigeria’s second National Anthem and theme song for the super eagles, ever since then, the Gyration master hasn’t looked back as he kept on progressing and even participating in active politics.

Refresh your memory with GYRATE BY TONY ONE WEEK

And just to keep doing what he knows how to do best, entertaining his numerous fans with the art God has blessed him with, he is right back on track with this mind-blowing comic series, One Week One Wahala which will hit your favourite TV channels soon. ONE WEEK ONE WAHALA stars Steve Eboh as Jerome – the easy-going man who accepts everything thrown at him by his young, bashful and unassuming Corper wife, Paul Udonsi as Pikolo – the wealthy, educated well-travelled man who was eventually wrecked and humbled to a gateman, Tony Oneweek as Janta Manta – the regular village nuuisance who tries his hands on virtually everything and hardly succeeds in any, a thorn on the flesh of his friends and family, and many other great actors. Its the story of three friends brought together by unique circumstances.

Our people have a saying; Ahia di mma, na-ere onwe ya! So, no need to talk too much. See BTS photos below. Follow @tonyoneweek1, @oneweekonewahala on Instagram to join the making of history!