Unbelievable! Toyota launches self-driving car with two steering wheels

Unbelievable! Toyota launches self-driving car with two steering wheels

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Toyota has unveiled its newest self-driving car with double steering wheels. The world’s largest auto maker launched the vehicle via its sub-division, Toyota Research Institute in the United States. It features high-precision sensors, improved detection systems and a mind-blowing two steering wheel.

The reason for the double steering wheels is to allow for seamless transfer of vehicle control from the human driver to a robotic driver and vice-versa. The vehicle is a Lexus LS 600hL.

The vehicle is initially intended to be an autonomous car but because of safety concerns, Toyota has fixed in a second steering wheel to allow the human driver (known as Guardian) take charge of the vehicle in case of any technical defects that may arise during normal operations.

The robotic steering wheel (known as Chauffeur) will monitor movements and alert the human driver in case of drowsiness, hence taking over. Toyota has included everything double including accelerator and rakes.

The sensors (LIDAR, RADAR and camera systems) are mounted on the top of the vehicle, and if you notice, the second-space steering wheel meant for the Guardian isn’t as fanciful and high-tech as that of the Normal driving system – on the left-hand side. It features a large screen instead of a speedometer panel.